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Our Story

We are a vertically integrated e-commerce group with a track record of launching and scaling profitable e-brands across Southeast Asia. We do this by regularly analysing market trends, recognising consumer behaviours and perfecting the customer experience. Along the way, we’re supported with our own band of e-commerce experts that helps ensure our ventures to be successful. We’re here to enrich people’s lives by creating meaningful brands that bring an impact.

Who We Are

Our north star is fairly simple: we want to be a market leader in each of the categories that we venture in.

Our Approach

How We Do It

E-Commerce opportunities in Southeast Asia. While that seems daunting, we stay laser focused by creating relevant ventures infused a targeted approach:

Identifying underserved markets 

With specialized data and analytics, we constantly look for market gaps to fill with a targeted approach. This way, we’re not only able to address growing customer needs but be innovative to stay ahead of the game as well. 

Laser-focus execution

Our plug-and-play approach of using our proprietary Limitless platform to conceptualize, build and launch new brands allows us to execute at warp speed. 



Forward-thinking brands that put you in the spotlight.

Creating household names that are in sync with
today’s consumers.

From the get go, we know that without answering customers’ needs, our solutions will falter. That is why, in growing our current brands or brainstorming for our next one, we’ll always listen to the voices that matter the most - our customers’.


As the region’s fastest-growing online flower delivery company, Flower Chimp continues to innovate the scene with flowers that excite and gifts that delight. Initially launched Malaysia, Flower Chimp now has a presence in five different countries across Southeast Asia.


Complement your next occasion with slices that are top notch. CakeRush strives to deliver happiness in the form of cakes, treats and other sweet little things, right to your doorstep, no matter what day it is. Celebrate your everyday moments and savour life’s most delicious treats today.


Empowering today’s modern women, LYLA is a natural supplement company that aims to bring health and wellness at the forefront. Each product is formulated only with the best ingredients with consideration to be soy-free, gluten-free and non-gmo for the best-tasting goodness in every sip.


Built with the promise of delivering smiles across town, Bloomeroo prides itself in offering the freshest flowers coupled with superior delivery service. Having set foot in Australia, Bloomeroo is ready to paint the town with colourful hues from an array of flowers



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The Culture

Limitless Technology is an equal-opportunity employer that embraces diversity, regardless of race, ethnicities, religion or identities.We aim to create an inclusive work environment for all of our employees for the benefit of our global solutions.

We started Limitless Technology because we believe in impactful solutions.

And on our way to becoming market leaders of each vertical we’re in, we uphold these values to make sure that we get to our destination.

Unbridled curiosity

We encourage our people to challenge pre-assumed notions and constantly think outside the box. Grow as a creative thinker and go where you have never gone before.

No brilliant jerks

Because really, there’s no excuse to be jerks in the first place. We don’t tolerate bad behaviour as an excuse of brilliance, and you shouldn’t, either.

Context, not control

Micromanagement isn’t our thing. We believe in empowering our employees by setting examples and letting them take the reins. Sail the course of your career with our compass.

Responsible freedom

We look at chaos as a double-edged sword: a time where uncertainties lie, is also a time where we can thrive. We make the most of it by minimising issues and cultivating high-performing employees.



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